How to Make Money in Runescape Using the Grand Exchange

In the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, a real world principle about money persists, which is the verity that with great financial capability comes great power and influence. This principle remains true in Runescape, where access to more in-game currency will allow you to buy better equipment and accessories, thus directly affecting how strong your character is. One of the simpler paths to rs 07 gold gp riches is through the grand exchange. Here’s how you do it:

1. Basically, your first step should be to go to the 100 most traded items listings, as this will give you a basic idea of which items are highly in demand in the market. If you find something desirable that you already have, then you can go ahead and start selling the stuff, otherwise, you need to farm and loot for it or to trawl other sellers and buy them for reselling at a higher price.

2. If you decide to go and the buy and sell route, you have one sentence to keep in mind: “buy low and sell high”. But try to find a sweetspot, if you sell the items too low you won’t earn any profits, but if you sell too high, it will not get bought or it may take too much time, which you could have spent looking for other items to buy and sell. Remember that small profits will add up in time if you buy and sell at a rapid pace.

3. Use market demand and supply to your advantage. For example, if there are only two available dragon longswords in the market and they are highly in demand, buy both of them and sell them for twice the price. Make sure to do it fast enough as prices in MMORPGs tend to drop in time.

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